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Description Kit includes supercharger, couplers, clamps, BOV, air filter, carb hat, and all necessary brackets, pulleys and hardware for a complete installation of supercharger to your engine. This kit is capable of gains of 40-50% over base horsepower on your Slant 6 with the correct supporting mods.

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In the case of this exotic-looking Mopar 225 Slant Six, the factory rated 100 (net) horsepower jumps all the way to 177 thanks to a mild Hughes Engines cam, Doug Dutra 2-piece exhaust.

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2 Photos. How much: Prices start at $2,800, plus shipping for a billet finish; add $250 for black or $535 for polished; each kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Learn more: TorqStorm.

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In today's video we feature a bad ass 1971 Plymouth duster, that has a built slant six with a supercharger that makes over 600 hp and 550 foot pounds of torq.

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#1 Was thinking of building some supercharged slant six engines in future. Would a 318 supercharged engine make about how much power/torgue and is superchargers available for this engine also? Would same manufacture who makes supercharger for slant 6 make one for the 318? Wizard 1 diymirage HP@idle > hondaHP@redline Joined Oct 12, 2012 Messages

New kid on the block, TorqueStorm Superchargers for Slant6 engines.

The Slant 6 Chrysler Valiant engine also known as the Tower of Power is an inline 6 cylinder Mopar engine that has been used in cars, trucks, farming equipment, hot rods and race cars. Aussiespeed manufacture a very large range of speed equipment for the mighty Slant 6 including supercharger kits that fit a range of different superchargers.

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For all of you who have been asking, we now have the kits available for the Slant 6. These kits must be used with a 4 Barrel intake and Holley Double Pumper Carburetor. Power steering is not an option with this kit and the battery must be relocated. For more information contact The Supercharger Store at 520-456-9706. _________________. Bob Woods.

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Slant 6 supercharger - Plymouth Barracuda. Here's a very cool boosted leaning tower of power. Thanks to Brian Loewes for the video. Check out the twin turbo.

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TorqStorm's New Supercharger Kit Boosts Chrysler Slant Six Power By 85%. When TorqStorm's supercharger exerts itself, expect a boost range that extends from 1,800 to 6,500rpm, thanks to the design of the compressor wheel. Yet, to the majority of Slant Six owners, slightly less gusto—5,000 to 5,500rpm—is probably all that's required.

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With the robust construction of the Slant Six, a 100-150 horsepower gain is easily achieved with completely street useable supercharger specs, with the blower itself ideally suited up to 6,500 engine-rpm. At the heart of the kit is TorqStorm's billet supercharger unit.

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Eaton M90 supercharged Chrysler slant six.This run was with fresh fuel and re-set ignition curv.Naturally aspirated was 91.6 HP and 228.9 ft-lb at the wheels.

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Al Toews pointed to his own supercharged-slant-six project, using multiple-point fuel injection. Slant six performance issues and suggestions (Paul Clark) Upgrading to a 'super six' intake, with a 2bbl carb, should give better performance and gas mileage. (Dan Stern:) It was released for marine/export only in 1967, and was found in North.

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Jun 5, 2018 When TorqStorm's supercharger exerts itself, expect a boost range that extends from 1,800 to 6,500rpm, thanks to the design of the compressor wheel. Yet, to the majority of Slant.

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Aussiespeed Slant 6 Chrysler supercharger kit supplied less super charger, This model Aussiespeed supercharger kit has been designed to be fitted to 225 Chrysler Valiant engines with single v belt water pump and crank pulleys. With a 145mm 3 bolt crank pulley and a 77.5 top pulley boost levels between 5 to 9 psi have been achieved.

Slant 6 Single Charger Kit TorqStorm

#1 Friend of mine for over 30 years despite our now living several hundred miles apart, recently put a Torque Storm supercharger on the slant six in his 63 4-speed Valiant. After playing around with a couple of different carburetors, he decided to go fuel injection. Holley Sniper. Here's a couple of pix of his motor. 9 halfafish

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Car Model: i havent hollowed out the bottom. eventually im going to taper the opening of it to match the opening in the bottom of the blower. (if that makes sense) this should remove some more weight. since the supercharger is so heavy, i used a piece of 1/4 inch steel with a 90 bent into it. it bolt to my motor mount bracket, and then to the.