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The Town Traveler had a 10hp 1-cylinder engine and cost $750. That was about the same as a used Plymouth sporting an 85hp six. Predictably, the mid-century marketplace wasn't terribly interested in miniature luxury cars.

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1949 is effectively 1950. Close enough anyway. The 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 is largely regarded as the first muscle car and ushered in the horsepower wars. Whether you agree with that assessment.

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1950 Oldsmobile project car for sale. On the flip side, this 1950 Rocket 88 in Central Los Angeles for $2,000 looks like it has a few days before it rusts away. The seller seems confident that it will start with a new carburetor, but that's the easy part. The cool green paint and white steel wheels will try their best to keep the new owner.

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The Rambler led the first wave of postwar American small cars that included the Henry J, Aero Willys, and Hudson Jet, and it laid down the baseline for Detroit's compact car movement of 1960. Introduced to the public on April 10, 1950, the Rambler was initially offered in a single body style, a distinctive Euro-style convertible with fixed.

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1950 Jaguar XK120 Open Two Seater 1950 Jaguar-Parkingson Special 1950 Lancia Aurelia B10 Cabriolet 1950 OSCA MT4 1950 OSCA MT4 Vignale Berlinetta 1950 Simca-Gordini Type 15S Coupe

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Home antique-car Small car of the 50s: the little ones Small car of the 50s: the little ones Bremen Classic Motorshow Small car of the 50s Subscriptions & booklets 01/30/2014 N ot only in the big politics is closely observed in Europe what's going on in the USA, but also in the classic car scene.

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1950 Jaguar XK150 This is the most famous Jaguar probably ever made. It's an iconic vehicle known for it's superior design, make, and British style. (image via Wikipedia) 1959 MGA 1500 The MGA provided an affordable sports car with handling and design that far exceeded its price. (image via Wikipedia) 1959 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

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Home Car Culture These 1950s Cars Sold Like Hotcakes In America By Michael Stroup Published Nov 13, 2021 From brawny V8s to sleek personal luxury cars, here are some of the best-selling and most popular 1950s automotive icons to hit the U.S. market. via eBay World War II was a not-so-distant memory, and America was still on a factory grind.

Three Greatest Muscle Cars of the 1950s Gold Eagle Co

In the 1950s, the US automobile industry was dominated by the Big Three, namely General Motors (GM), Ford, and Chrysler. These three companies have bought out several independent and mid-level companies in order to become conglomerates by the middle of the era. By 1955, the Big Three was able to claim at least 94 percent of the sales within the.

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Two manufacturers introduced new "small" cars during 1950, to meet the demand for (1) an economical second car for middle income families and (2) a car whose initial price placed it within reach of many people who previously had to buy used cars. Just how strong the demand was in each of these cases had yet to be established.

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Car Culture Anyone Can Afford These Gorgeous '50s Classics By Ryan Gilmore Published Aug 14, 2021 Despite being icons of automotive design, these '50s classics were mass-produced and remain relatively affordable for the average buyer. Via Bonhams

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1950s and 1960s Music, TV, History, Fashion, Slang, Cars and so much more. Other years.. The Fifties, America felt bold,important and enthusiastic about the future and we wanted our cars to portray those feelings. We piled on the chrome, we shouted bigger, faster, prettier and Detroit responded with monsters that dripped opulence and luxury.

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American cars of the fifties ran from round fenders to sharp fins, from small to land yachts, from popular priced to ultra luxury. From Crosley to Cadillac,.

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Story by Will Green • 9mo. 1 / 23. The '50s Rev Up: 10 Coolest Cars of the Decade That Still Turn Heads Today! ©Provided by Man and Home. The 1950s was a golden age for automotive design, with.

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Welcome to 1950s Cars - Nash 1950 Nash Rambler. To survive Independents had to have original looking cars Nash believed in the compact car and built the only American compact convertible billed as the smartest, safest convertible it counted on the overhead steel rails for stability. Cost: $1,800.00.

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1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible, one of the most iconic autos of the era [1] The 1950s were pivotal for the American automobile industry. The post-World War II era brought a wide range of new technologies to the automobile consumer, and a host of problems for the independent automobile manufacturers.