What Are the Differences Between A, S, and RS Series? Walter's Audi

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Select configuration: Prestige 2.0 TFSI quattro. $47,000. Starting Price (MSRP) 8.6. Audi S3 Sedan For Sale Audi S3 Sedan Full Review Audi S3 Sedan Trims Comparison. Change Vehicle. Compare to.

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Audi S and RS main difference between this lines is that the "S models" focuses more on sports cars, while the RS models focuses on "racing sport" cars: while both lines feature sleek and modern looks and include sports suspension, sport steering wheels and leather finishes amongst other beautiful details; the RS line features a high power engin.

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- AudiWorld Audi S6 vs. RS 6 Comparison: Which is the Better Buy? By M.C. Cuccio - December 13, 2022 Uncompromising luxury versus uncompromising performance: Which is the perfect Audi for you? Let's have a deeper look and weigh the options! The Audi S and RS models, regardless of which you choose, command a certain respect.

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What are the differences in Audi A# vs S# vs RS#? : r/cars by 7Sans 2022 Tesla MY P, 2018 Audi Q7 What are the differences in Audi A# vs S# vs RS#? I think RS are kind of like M series/AMG series of other brands but I still don't know what is actual difference between A and S lines This thread is archived

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The R8 is Audi's flagship supercar, and it shares many features with the Lamborghini Gallardo. It has impressively surpassed the Porsche 997. Audi RS Series. RS stands for RennSport. It is the Racing Sport car lineup for Audi. The RS models have the most powerful engines and premium interiors among all Audi models.

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Nov. 28, 2017, at 1:22 p.m. Credit S7 vs. RS 7: Which High-Performance Audi Four-Door Is the Better Buy? The Audi A7 is a luxury large car that offers enough amenities to satisfy most.

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performance 4.0 TFSI quattro. $127,800. Starting Price (MSRP) 8.8. Audi RS7 For Sale Audi RS7 Full Review Audi RS7 Trims Comparison. Change Vehicle.

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Audi S and RS models are a range of high performance versions of certain of the German automotive company . These cars primarily focus on enhanced " " performance. [1] Production of Audi "S" cars began in 1990 with the S2 Coupé, whilst the first "RS" car appeared four years later with the Audi RS 2 Avant

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Starting with the good stuff. Comparing the performance of the Audi S3 and Audi RS 3 in simple terms is easy. The RS 3 is clearly the more sport-oriented model of the two. That said, the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the S3 is no slouch. It gives you 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, with peak torque at just 3,000 rpm.

Audi RS ETron GT shown from all angles in new teaser

The RS5 actually shares the same core V6 TFSI® engine found in the Audi S5, but other differences give it a ~100 horsepower ( 444 hp vs 349 hp) advantage. The RS5's engine has two turbos instead of one and a different bore which makes it a 2.9-liter (as opposed to the Audi S5's 3.0-liter) engine.

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Monday, 31 July, 2017 Choosing between the legendary Audi A, S, and RS series is difficult enough, but it can be made even more complicated by the manufacturer's unique naming convention. It's helpful to get the basics down about the differences between these models. Let the experts at our Audi dealership in Riverside get you up to speed!

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$77,900 Price (MSRP) 8.6 Compare Audi RS6 Avant $121,900 Price (MSRP) 8.8 Compare

What Are the Differences Between A, S, and RS Series? Walter's Audi

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To make it easy for you, we've broken down the differences between the sport badges of the Audi range. To start with, there are three different sport variants: Audi S - The S models come equipped with sportier performance upgrades, larger more enhanced brakes, sport wheels, and stiffer suspension.

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Probably a send-off of the current generation, this 2025 Audi RS 6 Avant was spotted doing its thing in Europe's frozen north. At first glance, there aren't many things separating it from the.

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Audi S6 vs Audi RS 5 Sportback Compare price, expert/user reviews, mpg, engines, safety, cargo capacity and other specs at a glance. Audi S6 vs Audi RS 5 Sportback. 2024 Audi S6 2.9T quattro Premium AWD.