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Chris Coulter and his company Schwa Motorsports located outside of Kansas City specialize in swapping engines. Chris has completed 13 engine swap projects and today we are sharing his 1988 Pontiac Fiero. Chris purchased the Fiero in 2006. It came with a 2.5 L LR8 inline-four and three-speed automatic transmission. He quickly replaced it with.

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The final owner of today's Junkyard Gem sought to make that very Fiero, by dropping in one of the many supercharged 3.8-liter V6s installed in 1990s and 2000s GM factory hot rods. The first Fieros.

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Welcome to the One-Stop-Shop for modifying/repairing a 3800 engine and/or swapping it into a Fiero! You will likely not come across a more thorough collection of 3800 information, parts, diagrams, instructions, or videos than here. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PRINTABLE/MOBILE FRIENDLIER VERSION TO SEARCH THIS PAGE, PRESS ctrl F (PC), command F (mac), or tap ••• and "Find In Page" (mobile) CLI

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The following information was posted to Pennock's Fiero Forum by "Ray" from Houston, TX: It is possible to get a better 2.5L engine for the '87-88 2.5L Fiero from a 1993 S-10. The 2.5L engine from the '93 S-10 should provide over 100 HP and considerably better mileage. '88 Fiero 2.5L Engine: The following engines can be used in a Fiero except.

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3800 SuperCharged or 3800 Natural Aspirated engine FAQ for the DIY. This document is targeted to the consumer that needs to know how things work, and wants to be educated in the swap process of putting a 3800 based engine to the Pontiac Fiero. There are many places on the internet these days with information on the installation of engines in a.

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Check out our new GT4T Body Kit, it's the only accurate GT40 Replica ever made for the Fiero chassis. We have a new "WideBody" conversion kits that allow you to modify your Fastback or Notchback Fiero. This kit makes it some 6" wider in the rear, with and option to make it 2" wider in the front. Feel free to look around and check out.

Pontiac Fiero Gt Engine Car View Specs

* Pontiac Fieros are cool - but their stock 2.5 4-cylinder and 2.8 6-cylinder engines are underpowered and inefficient by todays standards. Luckily there i.

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West Coast Fiero's "What It Takes" guide provides valuable insights into what is required for each conversion, helping Fiero owners make informed decisions about upgrading their vehicles. Whether you're considering a 3800, 3.4, 4.9, or LS4 engine conversion, it's essential to understand what it takes to successfully complete the project.

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While there are V8 conversion kits, YouTube user welditrick went for the full monty. He swapped in the whole LS4 engine setup, axles included, and according to his comments on the video the swap was pretty straight forward. With 303 horsepower and 323 ft-lbs of torque, this Fiero packs more than double the power of the original V6 engine, which.

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Pontiac Fiero Turbo Ecotec LNF Engine Swap - Review and Test Drive with Owner Dave Storlien. There has been a lot of talk about dropping an LFN into a Fiero.

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Our Fiero V-8 Engine Conversion Kits allow you to install a small block Chevy engine into any 1984 thru 1988 Pontiac Fiero. They allow you to retain all stock options, including a/c.. The weight gain for a 4 cylinder to V-8 swap is about 150 pounds, depending on the V-8 engine used. Handling is affected slightly at the most. Engines that can.

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LSx Kit. Our New LS1 Engine Conversion Kit allows you to mount any of the new GM Gen III LSx based engines into a stick shift Pontiac Fiero. As you may know, we've been selling & installing V-8 Conversion Kits for the Fiero for more than 25 years now & sales of our "normal" SBC engine conversion kits are at all time highs.

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Here's the build sheet: Engine: 2.0L B207L from a Saab 9-3, 136k miles Transmission: Getrag F23 from a Saturn Vue, 152k miles ECU: GM P12 from a Cobalt SS/Ion Redline And here's some details: 1. The engine bay is big enough to accommodate an LS motor, so no space-making is required for an NA/Supercharged setup.

Pontiac Fiero Gets Turbo LS3 Swap Video GM Authority

Many Fiero owners take advantage of the car's large engine bay to host a variety of swaps, including the Buick 3800 Supercharged, Chevy LS motors, and even Cadillac Northstars. The 3.4 V-6 in Miller's car, though, shares the same block as the original 2.8 and is a factory-perfect fit. It's the only Fiero engine swap Miller offers in his shop.

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