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James Lipman. After 90 years of designing other makers' cars, including 67 years of Ferraris, Pininfarina finally launches its own: the 1874-hp Battista hypercar. The Battista is a screamer, or it.

Pininfarina’s Insane Battista Is An Electric 1,874HP Rocket Gunning For

By Basem Wasef Published: Jul 13, 2022 View Photos Pininfarina The most powerful Italian car in history is finally in official production mode. The Pininfarina Battista, whose electric motors.

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Dec 9, 2021 The wild and wonderful 2022 Pininfarina Battista is almost—almost—more conversation than car. Creating a visual stringboard of what this almost 1,900-hp, quad-motor hypercar.

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I f you love stats, the Pininfarina Battista has stats to make your brain fizz. The 'pure-electric hyper GT' produces 1400kW and 2300Nm, sprints from 0-100km/h in a claimed sub-2sec, then destroys 0-200km/h in sub-6sec - only its ample 349km/h top end is beaten by a Bugatti Chiron. (It also weighs around 2.2 tonnes and measures five metres nose-to-tail.

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PININFARINA Battista Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos. Home > Cars > Pininfarina > Battista. Updated: 20 January 2023. Generations: 1 First production year: 2019 Engines: Electric

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Designed by Pininfarina SpA, the Battista at first glance looks vaguely like a reworked Ferrari 488.The Ferrari vibe is perhaps understandable, given the company's long association with Maranello.

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 83.1 MPGe  2 Doors  2 Seats  1.7 ft 3 lb 4,517 lbs 4WD Jump To: All Specs  Rankings vs Rivals Similar Cars  Performance  Top Speed 217 mph 0-62 mph 2.3 seconds 0-124 mph 4.8 seconds 0-186 mph 11.9 seconds Power-to-Weight 2.4 lb/hp Total Power 1,877 hp

2019 Pininfarina Battista Specs & Photos autoevolution

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The Pininfarina Battista electric hypercar - set to become one of the most powerful road-legal production cars ever, with 1,873bhp - will come with a free bespoke wallbox for buyers, designed in partnership with GreenMotion.

Pininfarina PF0 Battista specs and price

The Pininfarina Battista carries over into 2023 with no changes, although the automaker has released a special edition. Limited to just five units, the Battista Edizione Nino Farina, named.

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The Pininfarina Battista's place in automotive history is defined by its name. It is the first in a range of purely electric, zero-emissions, luxury cars solely branded Pininfarina, delivering on a long-held family dream that has been carried by founder, Battista, his son Sergio, and his grandson, the current Pininfarina SpA Chairman, Paolo.

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Reviews 2022 Pininfarina Battista Comes to Life Pininfarina's first car is a hypercar with 1877 horsepower and the soul of a Rimac. By Basem Wasef Published: Aug 30, 2021 View Photos.

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Battista Car Review Pininfarina Battista review 9 10 Read why you can trust our independent reviews Top Gear Team Published: 01 Oct 2021 Overview Driving Interior Buying Specs & Prices 1 / 18.

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: PININFARINA BATTISTA All data shown are target estimations and subject to confirmation by manufacturer. PERFORMANCE Range 450 km Acceleration 0-100 km/h Under 2.0 secs. Acceleration 0-300 km/h Under 12.0 secs. Power output Up to 1,900 hp (1,400 kW)

Pininfarina PF0 Battista specs and price

Battista: sustainable and powerful Italian sport car | Pininfarina 1900 Hp PURE ELECTRIC 350 km/h TOP SPEED 1.86 sec 0-100 km/h 476 km Single charge range VIEW MORE Exposed Carbon with Iconica Blu Thread Iconica Blu Argento Liquido Grigio Exilles Satin Arancio Ivrea Satin Nero Profondo Exposed Carbon tinted in Grey ;

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The Battista shares a powertrain and carbon-fiber monocoque with the Rimac Nevera, whose chiseled angles are more blunt weapon than scalpel; the Battista's oceanic curves and subtle contours.