The SOS Button MercedesBenz LSH Auto UK YouTube

The SOS Button MercedesBenz LSH Auto UK YouTube

When the engine is started or during a trip, the fault message "SOS not ready" occasionally appears in the instrument cluster (A1). The complaint may notably occur in connection with low outside temperatures. Fault code current and/or stored in control unit N112/9 - Communication module for telematics services 'HERMES':

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Seit 2 Tagen sagt mein Auto (A180 Mopf 11/2015) dass die SOS-Notrufe nicht möglich sind (SOS not ready). Da die LiveTraffics funktionieren, gehe ich davon aus,…

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Jun 1st 2022 at 10:21AM. 2 Comments. Mercedes-Benz announced late in May that it has recalled 234,862 cars across virtually its entire lineup to address a glitch that can render its emergency call.

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OR - - -. a quick way to disable this system is to put it into failure mode. Pic 1 remove back seat lower ceusion, pic 2 remove 3 bolts holding rear seat back, pic 3 lower head rests, pic 4 remove seat back and lower insulation upper right side, pic 5 there is the tracking radio and sos unit, pic 6 unplug the high gain antenna from the radio,

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The most common problems that trigger SOS inoperative warning messages on Mercedes-Benz vehicles are: Low Battery Voltage - A low battery voltage can trigger the SOS inoperative warning on the cluster. If the battery is over five years old and does not hold a charge, it may provide below 12 volts when you turn on the ignition.

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February 14, 2017. 8 comments. Photography by Jeff Stockwell. Through all the ups and downs, this 1965 Mercedes-Benz 230SL has spent the last 50 years with the same California family. In fact, this past January marked a half-century of ownership. That's more than 600 months, north of 18,250 days— needless to say, that's no short timeframe.

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A common cause of the "SOS not ready" warning in Mercedes vehicles is low battery voltage or a discharged battery. If your vehicle's battery is over five years old and provides less than 12 volts when you start the engine, it may trigger the "SOS inoperative" warning message on your dashboard. To resolve this issue, check your battery.


Low Battery Voltage. One of the most common reasons for your "SOS Inoperative" message to pop up is due to your vehicle having a low battery voltage. If the battery in your Mercedes is possibly too old and provides below 12 volts when starting the engine, it will trigger the "SOS Inoperative" warning message to appear on the screen.

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Solving the Mercedes SOS Problem Once and For All.Instrument Cluster Message - "SOS TeleAid not Activated"Mercedes Benz dealer perform DTB P-B-82.95/636aLink.

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If you don't have access to the Star Diagnostic Tool, you can have your Mercedes Benz dealer perform DTB P-B-82.95/636a, 03/24/2009 Supersedes: P-B-82.95/636 dated Oct. 29, 2008 "Instrument Cluster Message - "SOS TeleAid not Activated"

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The human driver must still handle many routine driving tasks, monitor how well the automation is performing and remain ready to take over if anything goes wrong. While most partial automation systems have some safeguards in place to help ensure drivers are focused and ready, these initial tests show that they're not robust enough.


When the engine is started or during a journey, the fault message "SOS not ready" appears in the instrument cluster (A1). The problem may notably occur at low outside temperatures. In addition the following fault codes may be present and/or stored in control unit N112/9 - 'HERMES' telematics ser-vices communication module (code EY3):

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Still getting "SOS not activated" on the dash screen 5 days later. Dropped it off this morning at MB Service for them to investigate. Got a 2014 C300 4matic as a loaner. 2015 MB CLA250 4Matic - Delivery on 1/1/2015. Cirrus White, Black Leather, Aluminum Trim, 17" 5-spoke Wheels. Premium, Multimedia, Interior & Driver Assistance.