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Many people prefer to use this feature in lieu of the low fuel warning light, figuring that if the gauge says there are 20 miles left, then they have 20 miles before they run out of gas. However, this is a dangerous practice, as the distance to empty gauge only offers a rough approximation.

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The gas light usually turns on when your gas tank has around 10 to 15% of gas left. Depending on the make and model of your car, you may be able to drive an additional 10 to 30 miles, but it depends on the gas tank capacity and average mileage per gallon.. However, most drivers can expect to have a range of around 10 to 30 miles once the gas.

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However, according to NAPA, a safe rule to follow is that you have between 30 and 50 miles in the tank once your gas light comes on, but you should always aim for the lower end of that range. AAA.

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Yes, the type of car you have makes a big difference. A car with a 10-gallon gas tank might have one gallon remaining when the light comes on. A Ram 1500 truck, however, will have around three to.

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My fuel light came on, what does it mean? Your warning light illuminates when fuel levels are low in your tank. This isn't triggered by a standardised amount of remaining fuel, although most independant estimates suggest lights typically engage at 10% to 15% of a tank's capacity.

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AAA Benefits. AAA can help with a competitive auto loan rate for your refinance, lease buyout, new or used vehicle. Learn more. As a general rule of thumb, it's usually safe to drive 30-50 miles once the fuel light has illuminated, but in some larger vehicles, drivers can go up to 80 miles before stopping for gas.

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The table, shared in a post on the company's website, lists America's 50 most popular models, based on purchasing data from 2015. According to the chart, you could have anywhere between 25 and 114.

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When your light comes on, go to a station and filler up! Deduct the difference from 19 gallons and this will tell you how much fuel is left in the tank. My ML 430 usually has 2.5 gallons left when the light comes on. It may be different for each car depending on how the fuel sending unit is situated in your tank. ccorley.

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There's no hard and fast measurement — each automaker turns the light on with different amounts of gas left in the tank — but a general rule of thumb is between 30 and 50 miles. You always want to make sure to aim for the low end of that estimate and find a gas station that's within a 30 mile radius, maximum, of where you are once the.

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If you're looking for a more accurate representation for your exact car, visit our homepage, where you can enter the specific numbers for your car, and our calculators will automatically determine a best guess for the number of miles remaining when your car's gas light comes on! Click here to return to our homepage to calculate the results for.

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To estimate the miles left when the gas light comes on, you can calculate it based on the fuel economy of your specific Mercedes model. Multiply the remaining fuel (2.6 gallons) by the fuel efficiency (miles per gallon) of your car. For instance, if your Mercedes C-Class has a fuel economy of 25 miles per gallon, you can estimate roughly 65.

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While there's no one measurement for all car makes and models, most vehicles get between 30 and 50 miles once the gas light comes on. Every automaker sets the light with varying measurements, so it's always best to assume that you can go far less than this and start looking for a fuel station. The type of car you drive dramatically affects.

Mercedes gas sajle

Good thing is, each car keeps at least 2 gallons of gas once that light comes on, so you SHOULD have enough oomph to get you to that station — if you head straight there. See the chart that shows the remaining gas in your vehicle below. Courtesy of YourMechanic. 336 shares.

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Previous cars I have owned the fuel light low warning light has come on as the needle reaches the last marker. I have had my CLA250 for about 2 or 3 weeks and noticed for the first time this morning the low fuel warning comes on halfway between the last 2 level markers. My distance to empty is about 70km.

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I've gone 60 miles before with the light on. I made it a point to gas up as soon as the light came on many times and I know thats at 15.XX gallons. I've filled up with almost 18.5 gallons. The only time when my car died, literally out of gas, at the gas station, I didn't have enough cash on me to completely fill it up.