Massachusetts Will Finally Enforce the Right to Repair Law Automakers Keep Kicking Down the Curb

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By Ross Cristantiello. August 23, 2023. 3. Almost three years after Massachusetts voters approved a new motor vehicle 'right to repair' law, officials appear to have paved a way forward for.

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Chapter 100A: MOTOR VEHICLE DAMAGE REPAIR SHOPS Section 1 Definitions; Section 2 Motor vehicle repair shop or motor vehicle glass repair shop; registration; service of process; Section 2A Bond, letter of credit; Section 3 Registration application; denial; grounds; Section 4 Certificate of registration; terms of validity; Section 5 Certificate of registration; expiration, termination or surrender

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The Massachusetts law that would give car owners and independent repair shops greater access to a car's diagnostic data can go into effect after federal regulators gave the greenlight.

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Massachusetts voters approved a ballot measure in 2020 by a 75% to 25% margin that independent auto repair shops should be given access a vehicle's electronic data system.

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Massachusetts laws. MGL c. 90 Motor vehicles. § 7N Lemon aid law (voiding sales contracts) § 7N 1/4 Used car lemon law. § 7N 1/2 New car lemon law. § 8 Work and family mobility act. Starting July 1, 2023, eligible residents in Massachusetts can obtain a Standard (Class D or M) driver's license, regardless of immigration status. MGL c. 90B.

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June 1, 2023. On Thursday, Massachusetts Attorney general Andrea Campbell began enforcing the state's new right-to-repair law following years of bitter debate and a wildly expensive ballot.

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A right to have your old parts returned. For more information regarding your rights and what the exceptions are, please review the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation's Massachusetts Consumer Guide: Mechanics of Auto Repair. You can also call our Consumer Advocacy & Response Division (CARD) at (617) 727-8400.

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WASHINGTON — U.S. auto safety regulators said Tuesday automakers can comply with a Massachusetts law requiring them to share vehicle data with independent repair shops, reversing course after.

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Maura Healey, concerns a ballot measure Bay State voters overwhelmingly approved in 2020. That so-called Data Access Law requires that automakers grant car owners and independent repair shops access to vehicle "telematics," data that cars transmit wirelessly to the manufacturer. Proponents of the law say giving owners control over this data.

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In 2013, Massachusetts passed an automotive right to repair law that gave independent repair shops the same access as dealers to vehicle information that's used to diagnose and ultimately repair problems. That law ultimately led to a national standard. However, the 2013 law left out wireless telematics data — real-time updates from a car.

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The new law is expected to bring down the costs of car repairs with the added competition. "The federal government has heeded our call and clarified that Massachusetts' Right to Repair law can now.

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The General Laws of Massachusetts shall be amended by inserting after chapter 93I the following new chapter 93J:-CHAPTER 93J MASSACHUSETTS RIGHT TO REPAIR ACT. Section 1. As used in this chapter, the following words shall, unless the context clearly indicates a different meaning, have the following meanings:. authorized motor vehicle repair.

Massachusetts Will Finally Enforce the Right to Repair Law Automakers Keep Kicking Down the Curb

Massachusetts' newly elected Attorney General Andrea Campbell said she intends to enforce the state's updated right-to-repair law in June, according to a court filing made public Wednesday.

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By Sean Tucker 08/23/2023 9:08am. The federal government has dropped its objections to a Massachusetts law designed to make car repairs more affordable. Reuters reports, "U.S auto safety.

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Before deciding how to vote on Question 1, Massachusetts residents should consider the following issues: While some telematics data is quite sensitive, like your GPS history, this right-to-repair initiative focuses on data that is "related to the diagnosis, repair or maintenance of the vehicle." A GUIDE TO MASSACHUSETTS

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Your Car, Your Rights. You are protected when it comes to buying, owning, and repairing your car. If you have been cheated, the Attorney General's Office may be able to help. When you buy, repair, or own a car you have protections under state law. Learn about the rules and regulations businesses must follow when selling or repairing a car.