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Magnum XL-200, colloquially known as simply Magnum, is a steel roller coaster built by Arrow Dynamics at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. When it opened in 198.

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$34.99 Quantity Add to cart Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00 with Learn more Magnum XL Metal Coaster Model Kit (All items included). Roller coasters are all about making a grand statement with even grander views. As the first hyper-coaster and first ever coaster to top 200 feet, Magnum XL-200 does exactly that.

Magnum XL200 Hypercoaster

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The name Magnum XL-200 was chosen because Magnum P.I. was popular at the time. "XL" and "200" were added for "extra-long" and standing at least 200 feet tall, respectively. The original proposal was to cost $7.5 million but was raised to $8 million after the height was extended to 200 feet. Funds from Cedar Fair going public on the New York.

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The original hyper-coaster, Magnum XL-200 takes riders 205 feet into the sky and has a top speed of 72 mph.

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Situated right on the Lake Erie shore, Magnum was the first coaster ever to top 200 feet - you can see Canada on a clear day. Accelerating down its incredible first hill, Magnum reaches a top speed of 72 MPH, while rocketing you over multiple hills, 3 tunnels, and a signature "pretzel" turnaround."

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48" An out and back hyper steel roller coaster with banked curves and airtime hills. Riders will experience changes in speed and direction, weightlessness, and rapid movements from side-to-side. An individual lap bar and seatbelt secures each rider across the thighs and pelvis.

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Magnum XL-200. Calypso. Chaos. The Magnum XL-200 is a landmark at Cedar Point. Built as the first coaster in the world to top 200 feet, the Magnum travels along the Cedar Point Beach and right along the shores of Lake Erie. In addition to the multiple hills, its 72-mph speed, a unique "pretzel" turn-around and three tunnels, you can.

Magnum XL200 hypercoaster

Magnum XL-200 is an Arrow Dynamics sit-down hyper out and back roller coaster located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Built in 1989, it was the first complete-circuit roller coaster to break the 200 foot barrier.

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Take a second to look at Steel Force and Magnum XL-200 with just your eyes, and the two look like carbon copies. You and I know very well, however, that this couldn't be further from the.

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#Magnumxl200 was the first ever #hypercoaster to hit the USA, and is such a memorable ride manufactured by #arrowdynamics ! Packed with airtime in minimal re.

Magnum XL200

Steel Train: Launch: Chain lift hill Lap bar Reviews 466 Send my review NorCal C. 2 days ago Airtimes Discomfort Lap Bar Airtime is so violent, but the lap bar is so crappy, that it hurts. Maybe it should get new trains where the lap bar doesn't staple your thighs. Brian Sheldon 22 days ago Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

Magnum XL200 Hypercoaster

Height: 205 feet First drop: 195 feet Ride time: 2 minutes, 45 seconds No Longer the Epitome of a Thrilling Coaster As we were assigning the "thrill scale" for Magnum, it occurred to us how odd it is that the legendary coaster "only" merits a 7 out of 10 possible points.

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The 205 foot tall Magnum XL-200 uses a traditional chain lift and takes 90 seconds to get to the top. Hildebrant explained "adding another 105 feet to the lift will would mean a longer ride up. It would significantly impact the capacity of the ride."

Magnum XL200 photo from Cedar Point CoasterBuzz

Magnum XL-200, colloquially known as simply Magnum, is a steel roller coaster built by Arrow Dynamics Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio. When it opened in 1989, it was the tallest, fastest, and steepest complete-circuit roller coaster in the world as well as the first hypercoaster - a roller coaster that exceeds 200 feet (61 m) in height. [1]

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Magnum XL-200 is an absolute CLASSIC and has operated at the Cedar Point Amusement Park since May of 1989. The ride opened as the world's first hyper roller.