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43 results Show 30 Plymouth s by Year Classic cars for sale in the most trusted collector car marketplace in the world. Hemmings Motor News has been serving the classic car hobby since 1954. We are largest vintage car website with the.

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07/02/2021 Plymouth In This Article Category: Make: Plymouth Model: Hemi cuda Authenticity. Documentation. Veracity. Call it what you will, but few things get muscle car collectors going quite like verifiable, real-deal examples of the truly elite, low-production cars that were rare even when new.

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Of course, when it comes to rarity, the '69 Camaro ZL1 wins hands down. Sure, not many people ponied up the several hundred dollars for the Hemi 'Cuda option, but it was a much more popular model by far. The ZL1 set buyers back by an astounding $4,160 back in the day, so it was far too rich for most enthusiasts, no matter how dedicated they.

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"This 'Cuda was one of the last Hemi 'Cudas built in the 1970 model year. Its production date is July 7th. It is also one of only seven black 1970 Hemi 'Cudas built," owner/restorer Bill Sangrey of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, says. The Hemi 'Cuda, pinnacle of Plymouth muscle cars, likely needs no introduction to readers of this magazine.

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"There was a Bronze Fire '69 Hemi Road Runner all painted up with a goofy dragon on the side, along with an A12 Road Runner with Cotton Candy callouts, and then a purple-ish '70 Hemi 'Cuda, decked.

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This phantom Hemi 'Cuda is now one of Tom's show-and-go cars, trailered to out-of-town events and driven to local shows (weather permitting). Imagine if this was a factory build. Now, imagine.

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His numbers-matching, heavily optioned NOS-restored 1970 Hemi 'Cuda is one of 14 convertibles built to U.S. specs that year; these are currently the most costly, highly sought production.

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Incredibly rare, they're the only models that reach six figures, making the rest of the three-year run almost shockingly affordable for anyone used to looking at '70 and '70 'Cuda prices. For example, a 1967 Barracuda Formula S fastback has a #3 value of $16,900. In general, fastbacks are more desirable than notchbacks, commanding a.

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The 1969 Plymouth 'Cuda 440 is a case in point. It had the largest engine of any contemporary pony car, and that was its problem. Muscle Car Image Gallery Plymouth committed itself to Barracuda performance hook, line, and, sinker for 1969.

First Look! Rare 1of1 Billboard Hemi ’Cuda Resurfaces! Hot Rod Network

Rod Arndt's '69 Hemi Barracuda. View Gallery 10 Photos Geoff Stunkard writer Feb 27, 2007 By their very nature, project cars are labors of love. After all, why else would we spend hours on our.

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( 84 results) Sort by: Relevance 3 55,000 1969 Plymouth Barracuda gasoline white automatic 6.1 Fuel Injected Hemi Crate Motor| New Custom Interior| New Paint| Disc Brakes Houston, TX at 3 21,500 1969 Plymouth Barracuda 4,912 below average gasoline gold automatic

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The sportier 'Cuda ditched the straight-sixes and could only be had with a V8 under the hood, the most capable of which being the 426-ci (7.0-liter) HEMI, which was conservatively rated at 425 hp.

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When that drop-top is a 1970-'71 Plymouth 'Cuda convertible — one whose engine compartment is stuffed full of 426-cid Hemi V-8 — the scarcity rockets the price to the muscle car stratosphere's outer reaches. Earlier this year, two Hemi 'Cuda convertibles each sold for more than $2 million at the Mecum Auctions Kissimmee, Fla., sale.

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$55,000 Dealership Showcased CC-1774723 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Nice solid car, has been restored, new rebuilt engine and automatic transmission, power steering,pow. $34,500 Private Seller CC-1785623 1969 Plymouth Barracuda 69 Barracuda Fastback, Ex Show Car, some local shows but best in class at World of Wheels Chicago an. $30,000 Dealership

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The Plymouth Barracuda is a two-door pony car that was manufactured by Chrysler Corporation from 1964 through 1974 model years. The first-generation Barracuda was based on the Chrysler A-body and was offered from 1964 until 1966.

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Introduced for the 1970 model year, the third-generation Plymouth Barracuda gained full access to Chrysler's range-topping V8 engines. Sure, the 426-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) HEMI and 440-cubic-inch.