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One of the first three Harley-Davidson motorcycles ever built. Harley-Davidson produced the Sport model between 1919 and 1923. In 1921, the first 74 cubic inch V-twin engine was introduced on the.

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Founded by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, they begin selling these bikes around 1903. Only 6 years later, they introduced their first V-twin powered bike. By the time of 1920, they had grown to be the largest maker of motorcycles on the planet.

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BikerNet - History of the Harley Davidson Sporty 1957 -1967 Motoring on Memory Lane. History of Motorcycle Racing- A history of motorcycle racing and Harley Davidson motorcycles part in it. Harley's History- A history of the motorcycles start to present day.

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June 14, 2023 1 Comment How did the names of two friends become synonymous with motorcycles all over the world? As we celebrate 120 years of Harley-Davidson, we look back at the beginning of our story, in this guide to the early history of Harley-Davidson. The Initial Spark: How Did Harley-Davidson Start?

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Harley-Davidson introduced one of the industry's first clutches in 1912, and chain drive became available in 1913. A two-speed rear hub debuted for 1914, followed by a proper three-speed transmission for 1915. Singles were sold alongside V-twins during this period, but they would come and go in future years.

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History[] From left: William A. Davidson, Walter Davidson Sr., Arthur Davidson William S. Harley In 1901, 20-year-old William S. Harley drew up plans for a small engine with a displacement of 7.07 cubic inches (116 cc) and four-inch (102 mm) flywheels [8] [9] designed for use in a regular pedal-bicycle frame.

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Knucklehead In 1936, the Knucklehead engine was launched with its signature rocker boxes and was the first Harley-Davidson motor to feature overhead valves and a newer oil lubrication system. The Knucklehead was available in 61 and 74 cubic inch versions and ranged from 983 to 1212cc.

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The year was 1901. A young man in Milwaukee, Wisconsin named William S. Harley drew up the design for a small motor that could be used in a bicycle frame. With some help from one of his friends, a man named Arthur Davidson, William improved upon his motorized bicycle project.

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16 min read By: Jesse Kiser Founded in 1903, Harley-Davidson is America's oldest and most popular motorcycle marque. Throughout its 114 years of production, Harley has made countless iconic.

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The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle was built in a small shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. This first motorcycle was powered by a single-cylinder engine and had a top speed of around 25 miles per hour. Over the next few years, Harley-Davidson continued to refine their motorcycles, and in 1909, they introduced their first V-twin engine.

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Back in 1903, when William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson rolled out their first motorcycle prototype, they used a tiny-compared-with-what-we-have-today engine. It was just 10ci in displacement.

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The Harley Family started making smaller flathead motorcycle engines individually by hand and fitted to bicycles in the 10 ft x 15 ft wooden barn in Milwaukee that was the Harley-Davidson workshop of the time, prior to that in 1901.

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ADVERTISEMENT The Knucklehead was debuted in 1936. Harley-Davidson Motor Company Archives 1936: Harley-Davidson's first overhead-valve engine, the Knucklehead, is debuted this year. H-D is one of only two American motorcycle makers to survive the depression (Indian is the other). Military men on motorcycles during World War II.

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1906 A new 28 by 80-foot factory is built on Chestnut Street. The company has grown to have six employees. It produces its first catalog, and coins the nickname "Silent Gray Fellows." It's a reference to the fact that the bikes were painted dove gray, and that they were quietly reliable.

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1907 In February 1907, they displayed a prototype model at the Chicago Automobile Show with a 45-degree V-Twin engine. Over the next several years both demand and production grew at a healthy rate, and by 1907 the company had begun to advertise. The company was officially incorporated in 1907.

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The Roots of the Touring Family. The beginnings of the touring family started with the first FL model in 1941. These motorcycles were ideal for long-distance riding. The FL models were the first to debut the 74-cubic inch Big Twin engine. These bikes had added horsepower and increased torque.