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What is the curb weight, 1989 BMW M3 Coupe (E30) 2.3 (215 Hp) CAT? 1200 kg 2645.55 lbs. What is the gross weight, 1989 BMW M3 Coupe (E30) 2.3 (215 Hp) CAT? 1600 kg 3527.4 lbs. How much trunk (boot) space, 1989 BMW M3 Coupe? 420 l 14.83 cu. ft. How many gears, What type is the gearbox, 1989 BMW M3 Coupe (E30) 2.3 (215 Hp) CAT? 5, manual transmission

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Cost: ~$5400 (supplied by member ArsenalFC) Weight savings: 37.73 lbs. cost/benefit: $143/lb. X&CONNECTING PIPES. Stock system: 41 lbs (supplied by encoreinnovation) Active Autowerke system (just pipes; no cats--don't have weight info on optional race cats): ~25 lbs. Cost: $2000. Weight savings: ~15 lbs.

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Weight / Performance. Weight of the Evolution 1 was officially unchanged at 1165kg (44kg lighter than a top-of-the-range 325i Coupe). BMW quoted a top speed of 146mph and 0-62mph time of 6.5 seconds. E30 M3 Evolution 1 Tour de Corse

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First Gen (E30) 1986-1991 • Built as a homologation special with bespoke fender flares. • Its 2.3-liter inline-four was derived from the M1 supercar. • Now a full-fledged appreciating collector's.

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4 Drivetrain Toggle Drivetrain subsection 4.1 Manual transmissions 4.2 Automatic transmissions 5 Suspension 6 Brakes 7 Model range Toggle Model range subsection 7.1 United States & Canada 7.2 South Africa 8 M3 model 9 Alpina models 10 Special models Toggle Special models subsection 10.1 320is 10.2 M325i 10.3 333i 10.4 South African 325iS

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The E30 M3 used the BMW S14 four-cylinder engine, a high-revving DOHC design with a head closely based on that of the BMW S38 six-cylinder engine and the block from the BMW M10 four-cylinder engine with a 7,250 rpm redline.

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BMW M3 (E30) specs Lap times Best Filters Performance Powertrain specs More 0-60 and 1/4 mile times Rolling acceleration Interior noise M3 competition BMW M3 vs Subaru BRZ BMW M3 vs Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z 5.7L BMW M3 vs Chrysler Conquest Tsi BMW M3 vs Nissan 200 SX More BMW cars 958 2007 BMW M3 420 ps, 1580 kg 1992 BMW 850 CSi 381 ps, 1865 kg

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For some, the first M3 is the best, and it's hard to find fault with the E30's lightweight, minimalist body paired to the engineering brilliance of the BMW M subsidiary. The E30 M3 has become a global motoring icon and perhaps an automotive mythological hero. Model Overview 1986

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Key Specs Production years: from 1982 to 1991 Engine displacement: from 97.4 cu-in / 1596 cm3 to 195.6 cu-in / 3205 cm3 Horsepower: from 85 HP / 86 PS / 63 kW to 235 HP / 238 PS / 175 kW Length: 170.28 inches / 432.5 cm Width: 64.76 inches / 164.5 cm Height: 54.33 inches / 138 cm Wheelbase: 101.18 inches / 257 cm

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Technical Specifications Standard European M3 coupe 13,180 units from October 86 - December 90 6940 units from October 86 - May 89 195bhp / 170 ft. lbs. torque (catalytic converter) 5 speed close ratio gearbox 4721 units from October 86 - July 89200bhp / 177 ft. lbs. torque (no catalytic converter) 5 speed close ratio gearbox center resonator

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E30 vs 190E Cosworth. What are the actual specs? Launched in '86 the M3 features the 2.3-litre four-cylinder 'S14' engine, which shares its cast iron block with the humble M10 motor mated to.

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Published Aug 9, 2021 The BMW E30 M3 is a trailblazing legend that surpassed all expectations and left behind a legacy worth remembering. bmw e30 m3 The BMW 3 Series is considered the ultimate BMW and, debatably, the face of the entire brand.

Meet The Legend E30 M3

What if BMW had developed a CSL version of the E30 M3 Evo - lighter, more powerful, even more effective?. BMW E30 M3 by Redux specs. Engine: In-line 4-cyl, 2.5 litres: Power: 300bhp: Torque.

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BMW 3 Series E30 M3 (1987 - 1989) This BMW 3 Series E30 M3 model was produced in the period between May-1987 and Jun-1989 model years. Also, this BMW is 5 seats 2 doors middle class (bmw 3 series) sedan (saloon). Equipped with straight 4 petrol (gasoline) engine with 2302 ccm capacity it produces 200 Hp and 147 kW power at 6750 rpm and 240 Nm.

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The BMW E30 3 Series M3 weighs 1165 Kg / 2568 lbs. What is the top speed of a BMW E30 3 Series M3? The BMW E30 3 Series M3 top speed is 235 Km/h / 146 mph. Is BMW E30 3 Series M3 All Wheel Drive (AWD)? No, the BMW E30 3 Series M3 is not All Wheel Drive (AWD). It's Rear Wheel Drive (RWD). How fast is a BMW E30 3 Series M3?


Powertrain The E30 M3 came with a 2.3-liter dual overhead cam four-cylinder engine that made 197 horsepower (which dropped to 192 horsepower when equipped with a catalytic converter).