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#3 · Jun 24, 2013 Personally, I believe the low rev limiter is part of the problem. My ninja does 0-60 in 5.6 seconds or so. With the power output of the 500 (especially on the low end) I think it should definitely get closer to the low 5's, maybe even a high 4 second run, but an 8500rpm redline seems very limiting steffenleikvold

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October 17, 2022 The CBR500R is one of three entry-level 500cc Honda models for new and returning riders, or those looking for a sporty yet practical bike for around-town riding. Honda Ups New.

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While Honda is keeping the official numbers under its hat, I have seen a guy (regular guy, not a pro rider) turn in a -to-60 time of 5.15 seconds, and have heard another claim of 116 mph for a.

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Average acceleration speed of my stock 2019 Honda CBR500R 0-60 mph test.Like and Subscribe! Shot on GoProFollow me on TikTok: https://bit.ly/3yk20YHFollow me.

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46.9 HP Torque 31.7 LB-FT Transmission 6-Speed Manual Driveline Chain Drive MSRP $7,299 Pros Powerful, Fast, And Nimble Comfortably Narrow Waist Effective Weight Savings Making It Light Cons.

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SPECIFICATIONS BUILD Non-US Accessorized Model Shown 2023 CBR500R BASE MSRP: $7,299 Destination Charge: $400.00 Freight Surcharge: $200.00 Available Colors BUILD Get My Quote Your Sport. Your Bike. Sportbikes don't have to cost five figures. At least not when you're talking about a 2023 Honda CBR500R.


Damn this was way over due. Ive had the bike for half a year already. I can say I am very happy with the 0 to 60 test. 5 secs isn't bad at all. I did a top s.

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Updated: April 20, 2020 2020 Honda CBR500R Honda Sliding itself among the other smaller-displacement Honda sportbikes is the 2020 CBR500R. With a 471cc parallel-twin engine pumping ponies to the.

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But with a jockey rider and a perfect launch in perfect conditions, the Honda CBR500R can still accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 4.74 seconds. The 0-100 mph time is clocked in 14.17 and onto the quarter mile in 13.51 at 98 mph.

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The wheelbase measures out at 55.5-inches long between the cast, 17-inch wheels with a 120/70 up front with a 160/60 out back, and they come with hollow, Y-shaped spokes to keep the unsprung.

Honda CBR 500 R 2021 la deportiva para el A2 espíritu RACER moto

2024 Honda CBR500R 0-60 To Be Released Honda Motorcycles CB600RR 0 to 60 MPH & Quarter Mile Times 2007 Honda CB600RR 0-60 mph 3.1 Quarter mile 10.6 Compare 2011 Honda CB600RR

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HONDA CBR500R (2019 - 2021) Review | MCN Read our in-depth, expert 2019 Honda CBR500R review on MCN - supersport middleweight with improved engine for better power and torque. MCN ReviewsFor.

Honda CBR 500R Review Pros, Cons, Specs & Ratings

New £6,399 Used £5,300 - £6,300 View bikes for sale Overall rating Next up: Ride & brakes 4 out of 5 (4/5) Author: Dan Sutherland Published: 26 January 2022 Updated: 07 December 2023 The Honda.

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Bike: 2014 Honda CBR500RMods: Tyga Maggot Slip On ExhaustTires: Michelin Pilot Road 4 (front & rear)A short video which roughly shows how fast the Honda CBR5.

Used 2015 Honda CBR®500R Motorcycles in Pinellas Park, FL

Class: sport Production: 2013+ Honda CBR500R: electronic equipment ABS 5' full-color TFT-display with Honda RoadSync Connectivity - 2024+ HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) - 2024+ History Specifications Honda CBR500R: specs. Images Honda CBR500R: images, gallery. Videos Honda CBR500R: video. Manuals Honda CBR500R: manuals, parts, microfiches.

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100 Share Save 7.4K views 1 year ago OXFORDSHIRE Hey Everyone! In this video, we test the 0-60 on the CBR500R 2020!.more.more WHY DID I BUY A HONDA CBR650R? TV TWISTAS MOTO The Honda.