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Full sized queen bed (1530mm x 2030mm) with LED reading strip lighting and storage/wireless charging ports beside bed. Marine grade stain and water resistant flooring. Internal 188L/49.66gal fridge freezer. Access to kitchen via large side window. Cupboards storage located around bed area and in the main entry way. Internal speakers.

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Bruder EXP-8 towed by latest 300 series LandCruiser Credit: Facebook Bruder X. Priced from $284,900 including GST, the 19ft 6in (body length) EXP-8 comes standard with a two-pac painted, 125mm x 75mm x 4mm fully sealed chassis with off-road coupling, 18in alloy wheels and 33in mud tyres, 12in electric disc brakes, and rear-mounted Warn winch.

The Brüder EXP6 OffRoad Review Expedition Portal

The all-new EXP 8 is the future of your premium adventure travel. Innovation can be found everywhere - each individual piece of the EXP-8 is carefully thought out and certified-engineered to stand the test of time. The electronic awnings can be fitted to both sides of the EXP-8 to extend your living spaces. 4.5mm/14.76 Awning.

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The EXP-8 off-road camper trailer has a starting price of AU $241,500, which is around $177,000 in America. At an additional cost, Bruder also offers interior and exterior custom options. Stay.

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A solar panel on the roof helps power the Bruder EXP-8, including the electric, air conditioning, air filtration system, and an integrated water purification system.. The Bruder EXP-8 trailer.

bruder's EXP8 effortlessly conquers any offgrid land

Bruder has designed its EXP-8 to be tough on the outside, but ultra-luxe on the inside. The off-road camper is capable of off-grid four-season travel but allows you to enjoy the adventure in a five-star fashion. Its interior can sleep four people and includes a galley, lounge, and bathroom decked out in sleek, modern finishes.

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The Bruder EXP-8 Stealth Edition sets the standard for ultimate adventure and writes the next chapter in the Bruder story of pioneering innovation. Tough and capable on the outside, luxurious and sophisticated on the inside. It is a superb realisation of the brother's vision to create the world's most capable expedition trailer for the most.

Bruder EXP6 Expedition Trailer Is a Beast on the Outside but a Beauty

with a unique suspension system, the bruder EXP-8 effortlessly conquers any off-grid land. technology 0 shares connections: +300. bruder describes the boxy EXP-8 as 'tough and capable on the.

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The statistical uniform price is the PPD added to the Announced Class III price at the standard component tests. The producer price differential is announced on or before the 14th day after the end of the month. See Reporting and Payment Dates for a schedule of pool and payment dates. California Department of Food and Agriculture minimum.

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THE BRUDER EXP-8 — AN EXPEDITION TRAILER FIT FOR FOUR SEASON GLOBAL ADVENTURES. following the successful launch of the EXP-6 off-road camper, australian company bruder is back with a new beastly.

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The Bruder EXP-8 is what other overlanders dream of when they go to sleep at night, the ultimate off-road and off-grid luxury machine, and a pioneer in its own right. At least, that's what.

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There are plenty of options to make your off-grid trailer really unique. Prices start at $177,000 but go up with additional options. When more info is available from Bruder we'll bring it to you. The Bruder EXP-8 off-grid trailer has everything you would expect in a camping trailer, but can go into rough environments with ease.

bruder's EXP8 effortlessly conquers any offgrid land

Bruder EXP-8 Expedition Trailer. Open. Please set your Google tracking ID. Pinch your Mobile Device.

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The ultimate off-road, off-grid trailer. The Bruder EXP-8 is designed and built for all seasons and all environments. A truly global adventure icon.See more.

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The flagship Bruder EXP-8 is the ultimate off-road, off-grid camper trailer. Designed and built for all seasons and all environments. A truly global adventure icon. Setting a new standard for the ultimate adventure, The EXP-8 is the only performance adventure trailer to offer such a high level of luxury, paired with the ultimate in adventure.

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Total length: 6840mm. Body length: 5850mm (19ft 6in) Body width: 2150mm. Travel height: 2580-2900mm (depending on suspension height setting) Tare weight: 3171kg (approx) ATM: 3500kg (upgradeable to 4000kg with optional Stealth package) Chassis: 125 x 75 x 4mm Australian steel. Body: Epoxy-bonded closed cell composite.