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Twilight - The Crash: Edward (Robert Pattinson) saves Bella''s (Kristen Stewart) life.BUY THE MOVIE:

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A car crash in the student parking lot causes Edward (Robert Pattinson) to step in and rescue Bella (Kristen Stewart).#Twilight #movie #moviescenes #moviecli.

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0:00 / 5:00 Edward Saves Bella | The Car Scene | Twilight | CLIP Boxoffice Movie Scenes 2.23M subscribers 16K views 5 months ago #BoxofficeMovies #GreatMoments.more.more This scene made.

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During her human life, Bella is extremely clumsy and accident-prone. This is a list of all the injuries she sustained and the accidents that happen to her throughout the Twilight saga. Main article: Twilight Edward saves her from being crushed between her truck and Tyler Crowley's car after it slips on ice in the parking lot of Forks High School. A broken leg, four broken ribs, a cracked skull.

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Published: 10/06/2022 Trucks In the Twilight series, Bella drives a 1963 Chevy StepSide C-10 pickup. When she first moves to Forks, she is hesitant to drive a new car, and is even unsure of the maintenance of her old one. She also contemplates ramming Edward Cullen's Volvo, but ultimately decides against it.

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17 Oct 2021 Carpool Six iconic cars from the Twilight Saga Vampires, werewolves, teen drama, romance, cool cars. What more could you want from a late 2000s film series? Ah Twilight. What can we say about Twilight? Truly a series of a generation. You're either Team Edward or Team Jacob.

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Published Nov 12, 2022 While Volvo models were depicted as the preferred vampire cars in "The Twilight Saga," they weren't the only cool vehicles in the blockbuster movie. via: Volvo Cars In 2008, the first installment of the Twilight saga took the teen world by storm.

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The video clipping from the original Twilight movie shows the scene in which Edward saved Bella from being hit by a car. The video is dedicated to all the Tw.

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Horror Probably no body armor on that car ― because I wouldn't need it after the honeymoon. Virtual indestructibility was just one of the many perks I was looking forward to. The best parts about being a Cullen were not expensive cars and impressive credit cards.Bella The Ferrari is Bella's "after" car.

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10 Edward Saves Bella From the Speeding Car. While Edward and Bella's interactions at the start of Twilight bordered on hostility, this was the first moment he truly showed how much he cared for her. When Tyler lost control of his van and hurtled towards Bella, Edward did not care if his status as a supernatural being was exposed..

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Twilight Cars Bella's Red Truck Twilight Cars and Bella's Red Truck. More Twilight Cars for all you Twilight fans to read about. An old, clunky pickup truck is an unlikely chariot for a young movie heroine, but for Twilight's Bella Swan, the choice seems somehow fitting.

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Created by Edward Cullen Alias Isabella Marie Swan (birth name) Bella Cullen Bella (preferred name) Bells (by Charlie Swan and Jacob Black) Bell (by Charlie Swan and Jacob Black) Arizona (by Mike Newton) Spider Monkey (by Edward Cullen) Vampire Girl (by Emily Young & Embry Call) Leech-Lover (by Leah Clearwater & Paul Lahote)

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Bella Swan Edward Cullen Alice Cullen Jasper Hale Rosalie Hale Emmett Cullen Carlisle Cullen Charlie Swan Jacob Black Billy Black Jessica Stanley Mike Newton Tyler Crowley Note: The van was sold for parts after the accident in the school parking lot, and Tyler's now drives a Nissan Sentra. The year or color of the vehicle are not mentioned.