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Beau Boeckmann, president of Galpin Auto Sports and star of the new show Car Kings, is hosting a virtual tour of his amazing car collection. Celebrate 75 Years. Learn More. News. Reviews.

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Galpin Auto Sports (or GAS) is an American custom car and automobile repair shop located in the Van Nuys region of Los Angeles, California, which specializes in customizing and remodeling vehicles specifically for their drivers. They also provide specialty parts and accessories.

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Discovery Channel's Beau Boeckmann is the mastermind behind Galpin's entire operation; Beau is notorious in the automotive world for his "anything it takes" approach to finding rare historical cars and one-of-a-kind customs.

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The last 30 episodes were filmed at Galpin, and had viewers in 140 countries, Beau Boeckmann says. Galpin also has produced many vehicles for the entertainment industry such as "Red Mist" for the movie KICK ASS, "Zombie Killers" for The Walking Dead and a '08 Ford Mustang called the GT500KR for the TV hit Knight Rider.

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Beau Boeckmann Net Worth: A Man of Vision and Success Beau Boeckmann is a name that resonates with the automotive industry. As the President and COO of Galpin Motors, one of the largest automotive dealership groups in the world, Beau has made a significant impact on the industry. With his innovative thinking and passion for […]

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Quick stats: Beau Boeckmann, star of Discoverys Driven and president of Galpin Auto Sports Daily driver: 2019 Ford GT (Beaus rating: 10 on a scale of 1 to 10) Other cars: see below Favorite road trip: Los Angeles to Pebble Beach Car he learned to drive in : 1985 Ford Mustang First car bought: 2019 Ford GT Beau Boeckmann grew up at his dads Galpin dealership, which meant he could drive a.

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He made Over $1 million dollars . Beau Boeckmann's business life and family affair He grew up on the showroom floor of Galpin Ford, where his father, Bert Boeckmann, became a successful American automobile dealer.

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According to Forbes and industry experts' current assessments, Beau Boeckmann net worth is projected to be is more than a couple of million USD. With each passing day, Beau Boeckmann overall profits continue to rise, and he is becoming more popular on the sidelines. Family & Early Life His birthplace is the United States of America.

1695 Beau Boeckmann CARS YEAH

Self. Show. 2004. ADVERTISEMENT. Beau Boeckmann is a producer who is known for producing 'Car Kings,' and 'Pimp My Ride.'.

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Quick stats: Beau Boeckmann, star of Discovery's Car Kings and president of Galpin Auto Sports Daily driver: 2019 Ford GT (Beau's rating: 10 on a scale of 1 to 10) Other cars: see below.

Beau Boeckmann From 'Driven' Is a Legend in the Automotive Industry

As someone who was born and raised in the automotive industry, Beau Boeckmann was surely destined to become one of its driving forces. This past July, Beau was named president and chief operating officer for Galpin Motors Inc., after previously heading Galpin Auto Sports (GAS), the company's division that specializes in customizing cars.

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The impressive turnout perhaps points to the wide net cast by Galpin's network of brands, which Boeckmann said expanded, at least in part, because he wanted to drive cars other than the Fords his father, Bert Boeckmann, originally made a name selling at Galpin before climbing up the ranks and eventually buying the dealership in 1968.

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Forbes used stock prices from September 3, 2021 to calculate net worths for the list. Leading the newcomers, with a $30.4 billion fortune, is Miriam Adelson, wife of the late casino mogul Sheldon.

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1. He Learned About Cars From His Dad Loving cars is simply in Beau Boeckmann's blood. His father, Bert, is a huge car fanatic who began working at Galpin Ford during the early 1950s.By the late.

Beau Boeckmann From 'Driven' Is a Legend in the Automotive Industry

Beau Boeckmann is a unique breed. Shaped by the incredible growth of his family's car dealership—something to which he has greatly contributed—and raised in a family that cherished honesty, loyalty, and character, he has helped continue to grow the business into the largest Ford dealer in the world while incorporating a multitude of brands ranging from Mazda to Aston Martin, Land Rover.

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Entertainment Beau Boeckmann Wiki-bio: Facts About President Of Galpin Ford/ Driven's Cast Member| His Wife, Net Worth, & Family! by Alyssa April 2, 2020 Before undertaking his father's chain business, Beau Boeckmann already had worked his fingers to the bone in Galpin Auto Sports - GAS.