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The 2A4's 1,500-horsepower, 12-cylinder twin-turbocharged diesel engine has a capacity of 1,160 liters, giving the tank an average range of around 173 miles before it needs to refuel (210 miles.

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The United States, Germany and more Western allies are poised to join Britain in sending heavy tanks to Ukraine in move that could prove a gamechanger in Kyiv's war effort.

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This is a tank size comparison chart. It compares tanks & APCs such as the M113, Scorpion, T-90, M1 Abrams, M2 Bradley, Merkava, K1 and many more with cars to give you an idea of size-ratio.

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Fuel Capacity. 498 gal (1,885 liters) / 505 gal (1,907 liters) Cruising Range. 275 Miles. 265 Miles. Fuel Consumption. A tank will need approximately 300 gallons every eight hours; this will vary.

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Multiple reports say the tank is lighter weight than an Abrams main battle tank, weighing about fifty-five tons, as well as faster, meaning it can reach speeds up to fifty-five miles per hour.

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Compare Share T-72 and M1 Abrams Specifications Caliber 0 25 50 75 100 125 T-72 M1 Abrams Caliber [mm] More Dimensions T-72 M1 Abrams Length Width Height 0 2 4 6 8 10 Images T-72 Author: "T72 cfb borden 1".

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Recently forty T-90Ms, the latest variant of the T-90, were reported to be ready for delivery in the near future to combat units. Similar to the M1A2 SEP v3, this is an upgrade kit that builds.

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M1 Abrams Block III Tank Test Bed (M1 TTB) was a prototype built in 1983 as part of TACOM's Abrams Block III program (whose purview was to eventually create the M1A3), featuring an unmanned turret with a 44-caliber 120mm M256 smoothbore gun, three crew members sitting side by side inside an armored capsule at the front of the hull and a suite of cameras and thermal viewers to preserve the crew.

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#1 Pretty good comparison here by Calaicus, Tonk is huge! Stevetank, Mastersan, DirectorGunner and 12 others Vavrik Space Marshal Donor Sep 19, 2017 5,430 21,757 3,025 RSI Handle Vavrik Apr 15, 2021 #2 That kind of puts the size of the Nova into context. that is one big tonk. Now, all I need to know is, does a Ballista also fit in an M2 or A2?

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SlashGear T-72 Vs M1 Abrams: How Do These Battle Tanks Compare? Story by Alex Hevesy • 3d M1 Abrams tank © Mark Reinstein/Getty Images The American M1 Abrams main battle tank was.

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1 Armor 2 Engine 3 Range and speed 4 Armament 5 Final Conclusion Armor T-90A has a better hull armor overall than the M1A2 Abrams. The M1A2 Abrams UFP armor is ~ 780 mm vs APFSDS, 600-700mm vs HEAT, but the T-90A armor is steel-composite-reactive blend (vs APFSDS: 700-800mm; vs HEAT: 900-1,600mm.)

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How The Type 99 Rates. While both the diesel-fueled T99 and the multi-gas turbine M1 sport 1,500 hp engines, the T99 is faster. It clocks in at 60 mph, leaving its U.S. opponent in the dust, with the M1 chugging along at 42 mph. Much of that is due to the T99 being much lighter, weighing in at around 57 tons, compared to the M1's hefty 72 tons.

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The T-72s are fitted with a 2A46 125 mm smoothbore and, like the U.S. Abrams, a 7.62 mm machine gun. Depending on the model, an Abrams can weigh between 67.6 and 73.6 tons, but the T-72s are.

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Online tool for comparing the dimensions and performance of any two tanks or military vehicles in side-by-side format.