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The Power Stroke is an electronically controlled, direct injection engine with a 4.11 in × 4.18 in (104.4 mm × 106.2 mm) bore and stroke creating a displacement of 444 cu in (7.3 L). It has a 17.5:1 compression ratio, and a dry weight of approximately 920 lb (417 kg).

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The Ford 6.7 Powerstroke engine has been one of the most successful engines that Ford ever made. The engine is in its fourth generation powering Ford trucks. Moreover, the Ford 6.7 Powerstroke is the first Powerstroke engine manufactured in-house - by the Ford engineers themselves.

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The Ford Power Stroke 6.7L is one of the most powerful and capable engines being manufactured, it can provide tremendous performance and towing capabilities. Ford's 6.7L Power Stroke: The Powertrain of Choice - BD Diesel USA

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The 6.7L Power Stroke is the first diesel engine designed, developed, and manufactured in-house by Ford Motor Company for pickup and chassis cab truck applications.

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In 2020, Ford launched the third generation 6.7 Powerstroke, boasting 475 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft of torque. For 2023, Ford brought out the high-output version of the 6.7, putting down 500 horsepower and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. It's yet to be seen just how reliable the newest "Six-Sevens" will be, but all signs point to them being the best yet.

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The Scorpion 6.7L Powerstroke diesel engine entered Ford's Superduty lineup in 2011 and hasn't left since. Upon its release, it produced 390 horsepower and 735 lb-ft of torque. Shortly after, Ford actually issued an update that adjusted factory tuning, bringing the trucks to 400 horsepower and 800 lb-ft of torque.

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Ford's 6.7 Powerstroke is the first diesel engine with the exhaust coming out towards the engine valley and into the turbocharger. This resulted in more engine bay space, reduced exhaust volume, and quicker turbo spool-up. Engine Block

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The 6.7 Powerstroke, often referred to as 'The Scorpion', is a turbodiesel engine from Ford. This is the 4th generation of diesel engines that Ford has launched, which are primarily used to power the super-duty trucks in their lineup. The 6.7 Powerstroke has been Ford's primary diesel engine for over 10 years.

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This 6.7 Powerstroke motor is backed by a 5-year / 100k mile warranty that none of our competition has been able to provide. 6.7 Powerstoke (Ford 2011+) At Choate, we have three different build options available for the OEM Ford 6.7 Powerstroke engine. We offer The Daily Driver, The Workhorse, and the Cass-Quatch with build with the driver in mind.

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The Powerstroke 6.7 engine is unquestionably reliable and durable, especially the third generation of 6.7L. It replaced 6.4 and addressed the majority of the problems with 6.0 and 6.4. Despite this, there are a few issues with early build 6.7, and you should avoid them. Which year models should you avoid?

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The 2021 6.7L V-8 Powerstroke engine is built in-house, and these motors when used in 2021 Ford F-250, F-350, and F-450 Superduty trucks produce 475 horsepower and 1,050 ft-lbs of torque. This along with structural and suspension upgrades, allow 2021 Ford Superduty Trucks to tow a maximum of 37,000 lbs. Tow capacity is affected by.

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The 6.7 Power Stroke is the first diesel engine to be produced with the exhaust exiting towards the engine valley (where the turbocharger is located) and the fresh/boosted air enters the outside of the cylinder heads. As mentioned above, this reduction in exhaust volume results in a much more dynamically responsive turbocharger..

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I Review a 2022 Ford F250 Super Duty with the 6.7 PowerStroke Diesel Engine. I go over the 6.7 powerstroke engine specs and horsepower. I go over the benefit.